The US disaster

by Moonierh

I am sure you have all heard about the “US disaster” that was just revealed for the world. Yes, I am talking about their surveillance. Their accession to all the user information existing on e.g. Google, Facebook, Apple, Skype, Hotmail… While at work yesterday I heard they were talking a lot about it on the radio and – among others – called it the worst insult of human rights ever.

Now I do not have a big problem being watched, really. Knowing this is mostly for protection, trying to avoid terror attacks and so, I know no one would have any interest in me. On the Internet I always keep a polite profile; I never mock or speak bad about anyone else; at least I never use bas words to describe my feelings. I have never written I’ve wanted anyone dead, nor have I been planning attacks or reading about bombs.

C72M6P_2250173bI do not own this picture.

My freedom and rights, on the other hand, that is what annoys me. The fact that I with this surveillance can not actually write anything to my friends around the world, in what seems to be a closed social network as my e-mail, without knowing someone else than my friend can read it. This is what bugs me. Of course, there has always been an underlining discussion if someone were able to read our stuff, but actually having it confirmed makes it real. I thought we were supposed to have some human rights; the right of having a personal life. In the lives of a lot of people, Internet and their connections there is what makes them connected. Suddenly not being able to use this as a personal, closed network makes all the difference.

I understand they wish to avoid terror attacks, and I fully support a fight against this. My country was hit by a terror attack in 2011, and if we could have stopped that, avoided having 77 people killed, I would have done everything I could to do so. However I do not think being watched on the Internet would stop a person who actually wanted to make an attack. They will always be able to make a code system to talk, or to actually meet in person, or even plan it all by themselves. And let us not forget the old fashion way of writing letters; will the US government soon hire special post men to read the letters I send to my friends on the globe?

They will not be able to stop terrorism by reading all of our e-mails or chats. They do not achieve more than stealing one of our human rights.

My question for you today, is;

  • Do you support this surveillance?