Judging people by their diagnoses

by Moonierh

A couple of months ago I was asked if I could help a friend to write a “portrait text”, kind of. A text where my friend wanted to describe himself, telling about his life, childhood, future dreams and so. As there had been a while since I had written anything at all due to lack of inspiration I said yes. We then started cooperating on this text; he told me what he wanted to include in it, and I wrote it all down, shaping it into a pretty well written text. Anyhow, my friend is diagnosed with aspergers, and he wanted to emphasize this.

My friend wished to explain people that, even though he has a diagnosis, he is a completely normal person. Apart from getting some more help at school than others, he has had an average childhood, he is doing well at school and he has “normal” plans for his future. This topic was what we focused on. He told about how the diagnosis has actually only given him good things, and that it really is not such a big deal being diagnosed.

MobbingPeople tend to judge people if they have a diagnosis. When people hear someone has got a diagnosis, they often make up their own opinion about the person; they decide the person is like this or that, and may not give him or her the chance he or she deserves.

As my friend pointed out, the diagnosis does not decide who they are. Yes, it gives them something to share with other with the same diagnosis. But so does soccer. So does our language. Our country. Our culture. Our favorite movies. Our religions. Anything that interests or affects our life, gives ut something to share with people in the same situation, regarding that specific subject. You would not say every girl with anorexia are equal, so how can you say all the people with aspergers, ADHD or Down syndrome are?

You may already know my question for today, but anyway;

  • Do you judge people with diagnoses?
  • Do you think it is fair to make up one’s mind about a person when hearing he or she has a diagnosis?