Fur farming ~ post four

by Moonierh

In my fourth and last post in the first weekly topic, I want to reflect upon what we can do to help the fur animals. There actually are things we could do to make this industry come to an end. It does not have to continue like this forever and ever.

Have you ever thought of the fact that when you buy something in the store, they will have to order more? And they ordering more means the industry has to continue. And have you ever given this any thought; when the industry gets orders it believes its products are good, and therefore decides to improve them? Cosmetic testing for instance; they always keep on trying to make their products better to avoid getting much competition from other companies. So when we keep on buying their stuff the situation of the animals in the industries only get worse and worse.


I do not buy fur or leather. It is very easy. If I see a nice belt and then realize it is made of leather, I simply walk away. Because I know, that even though I might find the belt very nice, I would not be happy wearing it later on, knowing it is the product of an animal. An animal that has been suffering.

Many think the animal is already dead and it is better to buy it, rather than it being thrown away. And of course, in one way this is true. That way the fights of this particular animal will not go to waste. But what they do not think about is what I write above; the fact that it also makes the industry go on.

As consumers we have power. If the industry sees we do not want its products, it has to come up with something else. It actually is as easy as that.

  • Do you buy fur or leather?