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Month: July, 2013

Being polite

I want to dedicate this post to the topic of proper behavior. I work in a store, where we have different things such as bathroom and kitchen stuff, clothes, some furniture, tools, toys, some food, candy, light bulbs and a lot more, and have been working there since May. Today I saw the perfect example of how not to behave.

As a man came up to me to ask if he had this one particular thing, which he said he had seen a couple of days ago, but did not now, I told him we probably did not have it at the moment because we have not been moving any stuff lately. He then disappeared into the store again for a few minutes and later came back to me, not at all polite.

It is not what he said that upset me, it is more the way he said it. I have never seen a man that age talk to a girl my age like that before, and did not at all know how to react because we are supposed to respect and be polite towards the costumers. So I ended up answering pretty calmly, saying I was sorry.

be-nice-or-go-awayMaybe we should put this sigh on the entrance door,
and it would of course go both ways.

The man actually ruinined my entire day. This happened in the beginning of my shift, and I had to work through the whole day while I could not get it off my mind. It probably sounds crazy, but he was so rude I even felt like crying for a while there. It did not help later on either, when another grown up man came and asked me if we had another thing and I told him I did not know so he should rather ask one of the other workers, who was in the store and has worked there a lot longer than I have. When he came back he started going off at me too, saying I should know all of these things and bla bla bla.

I could never even consider talk to someone like that, at least not when it is such a small thing. Even though you have not found what you wanted or whatever, it is no excuse to criticize the worker or to raise your voice. It is something called proper behavior… I mean, how about in this last scenario, the man had come back to me later saying “I spoke to the girl in the store, and she said you don’t have this, so now you know for later on” with a smile? That would have been so much better for both of us and I would not feel like he was trying to step on me.

  • Have you seen many people behave like this? Do you find it excusable?



Update on the kitten

Woah, I feel like the worst blogger in history at the moment. I am so sorry for not updating in here in ages, but truth to be told there is so much going on I do not have time. I am watching the kitten, I am working and the last week a friend from Spain has been staying with us.

However I thought to give you an update on what is going on with the kitten. Or, how it is going. During the first one and a half week we were a little bit worried about its weight, because it did not grow much. We have read a lot on the Internet about how much an average kitten usually grow, and this little one did not follow the “model” at all. But during these last days it has finally reached a turning point and is now gaining a lot of weight.


Something good always brings a problem though. The fact that it is growing a lot is something you easily see on its stomach. On Monday my mother took it to the vet because the stomach actually looked like a ball; and yes, the vet stated it did have some stomach problems. So ever since, we have used a lot of time trying to get it to “the toilet”. It is still not totally fine, but at least it seems like it is getting better.

On the other hand it seems like it is beginning to trust us now, and is even sleeping, totally calm, on its back almost every day.


This is probably the most “demanding” project I have ever started. When I took it in from the garage attic that day a couple of weeks ago, I had not at all pictured myself getting up in the middle of the night, every night for weeks, just to give it like 5 ml of milk. But I am glad I brought it in; seeing it growing and knowing I have helped it survive gives me so much joy.

  • Have you ever taken care of a kitten like this?


Painting: War is hell

To make up for the lack of posts here lately (as I am pretty busy with work and now to watch the new, little kitten in house – look here), I thought to share my newest painting with you. I got inspired when I saw a picture on the Internet of a soldier with the words “War is hell” written on his helmet. So I decided to try to paint it. And for once I actually even finished it.


I always try to document my process to be able to look back and see what worked and did not. Anyway, the final result;


I know painting is not really what this blog is about, but because of the message behind this particular one, I thought to share it after all. When I look at it I see all the soldiers out there fighting for their countries. Not the ones who grew up thinking, “I want to become a soldier!” and actually think it is alright to make war. No, I see those who never got the choice. Those who have had their countries destroyed because of this terrible act of other people, and those who were forced to put their lives at risk in order to protect their countries. Their families. And friends.

  • What do you think when you read “War is hell” like this?


Rescue mission: Kitten

I went quiet for longer than planned, but I can tell you I had an amazing boat trip and it really did me well. I was going to make a post in here yesterday, however something came up and I got busy the whole evening. I was doing some exercising at home when I suddenly heard a noise coming from our garage attic. I eventually understood it was a kitten.

Then began the big rescue mission. However, the kitten was so far in and there were too many heavy things laying in front of it, I had to call some friends to come and help me. And finally… after hours of hearing these cat cries, I saw it. I had assumed there to be more, but there was only one. And it was so small.


We brought it down (I had called the animal protection care to hear what they thought I should do, and they told me to get it down and look for its mother – we do not have a cat) and measured it to 12,5 cm, and saw it still had his eyes closed. The trip then went to the food store to get some infant formula, and we gave it this through a little syringe (without the needle of course).



I have had my alarm going off every second hour all through night to feed it. Today we have gone to the vet, I have explained them the situation and they have checked that it is still doing fine. They say there is hope for it, and I also bought kitten formula to give it. So I will try to take care of it for a while, while I keep my eyes open for its mother. The mother is so important for the kittens; they learn so much from her and can get some problems later on without her care. So we will have to wait and see what happens! And I will make sure to keep you updated.

  • Have you ever taken care of a kitten this small?
  • Do you have any good advices for me to take care of it properly?