Rescue mission: Kitten

by Moonierh

I went quiet for longer than planned, but I can tell you I had an amazing boat trip and it really did me well. I was going to make a post in here yesterday, however something came up and I got busy the whole evening. I was doing some exercising at home when I suddenly heard a noise coming from our garage attic. I eventually understood it was a kitten.

Then began the big rescue mission. However, the kitten was so far in and there were too many heavy things laying in front of it, I had to call some friends to come and help me. And finally… after hours of hearing these cat cries, I saw it. I had assumed there to be more, but there was only one. And it was so small.


We brought it down (I had called the animal protection care to hear what they thought I should do, and they told me to get it down and look for its mother – we do not have a cat) and measured it to 12,5 cm, and saw it still had his eyes closed. The trip then went to the food store to get some infant formula, and we gave it this through a little syringe (without the needle of course).



I have had my alarm going off every second hour all through night to feed it. Today we have gone to the vet, I have explained them the situation and they have checked that it is still doing fine. They say there is hope for it, and I also bought kitten formula to give it. So I will try to take care of it for a while, while I keep my eyes open for its mother. The mother is so important for the kittens; they learn so much from her and can get some problems later on without her care. So we will have to wait and see what happens! And I will make sure to keep you updated.

  • Have you ever taken care of a kitten this small?
  • Do you have any good advices for me to take care of it properly?