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Month: August, 2013

Closing your ears in a debate

It has been silent here for ages again, for which I am sorry. But in my defense I am officially back at school and I already see (and feel) how this will be a tough and challenging year. Last week I had one afternoon to just relax and today I fell asleep pretty soon after getting home from school. I also was without my computer for an entire week, so it has not been easy keeping the blog updated.

As we are heading towards our Elections (which will be held on Monday 9th of September) we had a panel debate at school today. One representative from the nine biggest parties in Norway participated in the debate and it was open for us to ask questions. This year is the first where I can actually vote myself. And I have to admit I do not quite know which party will get my vote. It is so much easier to eliminate some of them, and I am now facing the choice between two parties.


Anyway. After the debate we could walk around and talk to each party as we wanted, and once again I had an interesting conversation. There is one party in particular that has bad animal politics. They want animals in circuses. They want the fur farming industry to continue (although they say they want to improve the situation, but still nothing is being done). They want to remove the few wolves we have got left in Norway to save the thousands of sheep we have. So I asked them about these things. Went up to them and said, “Tell me about your politics regarding predators.” And by his look I think he at once understood I knew what his answer was and that I did not support it.

The guy I spoke to in the beginning was nice though. He shared the party’s opinion. And ended with, “but I guess we do not agree on this?” with a little smile. I smiled and said, “Nope, not at all.” And we moved on to the circus question. Then to the fur farming. And it was on this topic that another guy from his party joined in. And the way he was talking, the way he just did not care to hear what I had to say and apparently had made up his mind completely and just shut me out in order to express himself (in an idiotic way) really provoked me. So in the end I just shook my head and left. I mean, I do not bother using my time debating with people who closes their ears for what others have to say.

debattThis is not the way to debate.

I am happy people have different opinions. That we do not always share the same thoughts and that we do not see the world through equal eyes. I respect that. What I do not respect is people who shut out everyone. Especially in a debate. Alright, you want to express your opinion, but you have to let the other one talk and give them a chance. I do not say you should change your own opinion, but everyone has got the right to be heard. And if you are representing a party it is even more important to behave calmly and polite, and letting the person you speak to express what they mean.

  • Have you ever debated with someone who closed their ears for what you said?



I want to save the world

So I just got this crazy idea. All of my life really, but especially this last one and a half year, I have made up my mind about wanting to make a difference. Wanting to do something to help someone. Because if you help someone, you do make a difference.

As I have been looking for the right education for me lately I have realized how many people actually have this dream of “saving the world”. And seeing the amount of these people make me understand there is also a big amount of people who do not accomplish this dream in the end.


Still, this is not a post to make anyone feel down. I actually want to see if my idea is interesting for some of you guys out where, which I really hope;

I want to share your stories. I want you to write me your story, your life-time dream related to helping someone out, and I want you to hear if you have accomplished it, are studying for it right now or still is looking for your right path to get there. If you have any advice for other people with the same dreams, please share them too. And then, anonymous or not (your call!) I will publish it here and let more people read it. Let more people get inspired – either realizing they want to do this too, or understand where they can study or in general just how to get there. If you happen to also have a picture related to your topic (e.g. yourself, you doing some of this work or another illustration picture) please add this too.

I really hope some of you want to join me on this idea, and I will of course publish my own story too. So if you are interested, please e-mail me your story on and I will publish it.

  • What do you think of this idea? Are you interested in giving it a chance?


Night ravens

As a result of being spontaneous yesterday, a friend and I ended up as Natteravner (night ravens) tonight. Every year my town has its biggest party at this time of the year, and as many get drunk some assistant might be in need. As I only just turned 18 I am finally allowed to do things such as this and considering we were not going to the party/concert ourselves we thought, why not? and joined in as night ravens.


So what  is this “Natteravnene”? I will quote Wikipedia: “…established in 1990, is a Norwegian based franchise organisation of volunteers that encourages adult, sober citizens to walk around in the city in groups at night during the weekends. Their task is to be visible and available for the public as it is believed that this will prevent violence and anti-social behavior. The volunteers will also assist people who are unable to take care of themselves.”

We were walking the streets from 11 pm to 3 am, and according to the police there were about 1600 people at the party. I had expected people being drunker, but we actually did not have to do much. Apart from helping a slightly drunk girl getting to her friend, and just having a few calm (of course weird) conversations with some others, it really was not a big job.

So why did I do this?
According to the Facebook event of the show, a lot of my class/school mates were going too, but to enjoy the event, not to make sure everyone would be alright. Well, firstly I have to say I am no big drinker myself. I am not saying (as I once used to) that I will never drink or anything, but that big partying with getting drunk almost every weekend is nothing for me. And I am always looking for some experience and I find volunteer work interesting. I would love to do more volunteer work, but unfortunately we do not have a lot of that type in my town. So it is like you just have to do everything you find.

I am thinking of joining the Red Cross’ volunteer work soon, because I believe that working like this will make you more prepared for what is out there. I believe it will help you open your eyes for the reality. And I am hoping to have a job where I can help people in the future, so I think working like this will help me prepare for this.

  • Do you have something equal to the Night Ravens in your town/country?
  • Have you ever done any volunteer work?


Plans for future posts

I have got so many things on my mind these days, and there are so many topics I would like to share and discuss with you, but somewhere in between my head and my fingers pressing the publish-button, there is a wall. A thick wall I cannot break through. I do not even know why, all I know is that it is not because I suddenly lost the interest in the blog.


However, during the years I have had one or two blogs and I have never liked making any posts without pictures. The same goes for this one. And even though I have done so here, I am no fan of taking illustration pictures from the Internet (as above). As it is my blog, with my opinions, I prefer using my pictures too. But I do not have many pictures that relate to the topics I write about here. However, I think I will try to take some during these next days.

Hopefully, if I get any pictures I feel are alright to use, I will manage through that wall.

Lastly I want to say; if there is one, or more, topic(s) in particular you want to hear my opinion about, I would be so happy to hear it. Although I have many topics written down for future posts I am always open for new ones.

  • Do you prefer having pictures in your blog/the blogs you read?