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Month: September, 2013

First We Take Manhattan

Tonight, as I am heading to Berlin in a couple of hours, I want to share you a song. A great song in my opinion. By Leonard Cohen. I remember hearing it a lot when I spent time with my father a few years ago. (That means we heard the song back then, I still see my dad). And I think it has been years since I last heard it, but some days ago I just suddenly remembered it. I did not even know if I had the right lyrics or if my childish non-speaking mind had made up some words. But yes indeed, “then we take Berlin” is part of the lyrics. And so I found it. First We Take Manhattan by Leonard Cohen.

The lyrics of this song feel so deep. I simply love them. Every word. And because I now, with an older mind than some years ago, find a meaning behind the words, I wanted to see if Cohen actually thought about wars, and WW2 in particular. And well, still not sure, I am pretty convinced he was. I have read different people’s opinions about the song and its meaning, and some quotes by Cohen himself.

Anyway, on Monday I will go to Sachsenhaussen concentration camp. I have always wanted to go to a one of them, but as I am now actually going to, I feel a bit… I don’t know, but I am sure it will be a pretty tough day. So many stories lying in the walls, floors and everything… But hopefully it will be an experience that inspires me to write a proper post in here again. And give me the chance to add some pictures I have taken myself.

  • What is your interpretation of First We Take Manhattan?
  • Have you ever been to a concentration camp?



The Norwegian Elections 2013

I cannot believe someone still visits my blog, I mean I do not update very often these days, for which I am terribly sorry. But I actually do not have time and I have to have school and work as priorities right now. On top of that, I do not know what to write about. I have been so caught up in school lately I have not had time to think about these… well, these things I am so interested in and write about on this blog. But then it hit me. A topic for today.

After last week’s Elections in Norway we had a change of government. We moved from the left side and over to the right. We have a new prime minister, Erna Solberg. A few years ago I could not have cared less, but last Monday I gave my vote and in the evening I sat up until 1 am just to follow the counting on TV. And when I realized we no longer have a red-green government, but a very blue one, I was pretty shocked. I did not vote for that. The day after we spent two of our classes just talking about which changes we will see, as this means a lot of changes. Just to mention a few topics; the oil industry, immigration, taxes, schools, hospitals… Pretty much all the big things will somehow change from now on. It means a good future for the rich and well educated people, and probably harder conditions for us “normal” people.


Anyway, what I want to reflect upon is not this, it is actually something else. Something many Norwegians are pretty sad about. And that is how the media in other countries suddenly …. Okay, first of all, our new government is: Høyre (right), Frp, Venstre and KrF. After 22nd of July 2011 Norway was put on the map, because of one man, Anders Behring Breivik. A Norwegian man. A terrorist. A man who has been a member of the party FrP.

Now I do not at all support the politic FrP wants, but when the media in other countries started linking Breivik to FrP and all of that… I have to say I got a bit disappointed. It is like the rest of the world says we chose FrP into our government and somehow support what Breivik did. But that is not the case. After 22nd of July, Norway stood closer as a nation than ever. Not one party supports what he did that day. And I do not want anything in our politics to have anything to do with Breivik. Yes, he was a member a long time ago, but he got out because they were not as extreme as he was. They did not have the same thoughts as he did, and he realized that and left the party.

I just want everyone to know this. As I have said, I was sad with this change of government, but it has nothing to do with Breivik. And even though I do not share the opinion of neither Frp nor Breivik, I do not want anyone to link those two together. It is actually important to me. So please world, do not, ever again, link Frp and Breivik together. Ever. Thank you.