The good deed for the day

by Moonierh

I am starting to realize I mostly focus on serious – and let us call it sad – subjects in here. Tonight on the other hand, I want to tell you about my “good deed” for today.

As my art class headed to another city to see a couple of museums, we saw  a homeless man sitting on the street, asking for money. Now, even though I often want to, I almost never give money to beggars, mostly because I never know what they will spend it on. So as we passed this guy, we decided to buy him some food and a cup of coffee instead. Now this is something I have wanted to do for ages, but never have, but today we did.

And this man’s face 
when we gave it to him… You could tell by his body language that he was a tired and old man, and even when we approached him and he did not yet know we were going to give him anything, he looked so exhausted… But then, when handing him the coffee and buns, everything about him changes. He smiles, both with his eyes and mouth, and does not even know what to say, just looks at us and says, “Thank you… Jesus” and kind of lifts his arms up to us.

I can not even explain how good I felt after that. For me, it is not such a big deal really, it only cost us about 3 Euro, but seeing how much he appreciated it… How he started warming his hands on the warm cup of coffee right away … It made me realize how much that meant to this man. How our 3 Euro pretty much saved his day.

So I guess what I want to say about today’s post – it is not to brag about “my good deed” and stuff, it is more to explain to you that a couple of minutes of your day can actually make another person’s day a million times better. Try it sometime, it is worth it.

  • Have you ever done a small thing you know saved another person’s day?