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Month: December, 2013

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

My wishes are that you are all safe and warm wherever you might be in this world. I hope that you are doing what you love the most these days.



Writing prisoners

I was thinking of making this topic a weekly topic, but to be honest I do not think I will manage to go through with it. I will rather just try to post a little bit about it now and then, when I have some new thoughts around it.

Anyway, I began a new adventure in September: I finally decided to write to prisoners. This has quickly become an important part of my life, and I am surprised to see how soon the four guys I am writing, have captured a big part of my heart. I am not “interested” in their crimes; they made some bad choices that put them behind bars, but I am not here to judge anyone. If they want to tell me their story about what got them in there, they do whenever they feel like it – if not, the subject is not to be talked about, I won’t ask.


Now, it is important for me to point out that I do not support criminality. But I believe we can all make bad decisions, some worse than others, but as long as we are willing to learn from our mistakes, we deserve a second chance. I am not doing this to make myself feel better about myself; like, think that I am doing someone a favor or anything. I just want to get to know new people, people I know need someone to talk to, and who are interested in getting to know me. And this is something I feel I have found in the guys I am writing now.

This is interesting. Exciting. Honest and real. I have written to people in the free world for about for years, but when I get the letters from the inmates, I cannot help but smile. It is so different – although I still love writing to my old pen pals, these prisoners truly bring something new to my life.

I will make more posts about this, but until then – feel free to ask if there is anything you are wondering about when it comes to writing prisoners. I will try to answer as well as I can.

  • Do you write prisoners – or are you planning to?