Threatened with extinction

To have the opportunity to be involved and get information about different cases, I have signed up for receiving e-mails from both Avaaz and Care2. This is of course for free. Both movements have different signing petitions we can all sign – and these include topics like corruption, poverty, climate changes, animals close to extinction, etc. Weekly I receive at least one e-mail (I think Care2 send more than Avaaz) where I am introduced to one particular case, which also includes a link for their petition. So if you are looking for an easy way to be active and get information, this is one way.

Today I thought to pass on the e-mail I just got from Care2: Make the presence of Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil compulsory on NZ food labeling. (I am copying the follow information from their petition).

“Nearly one in ten of our supermarket products contains palm oil, but you’ll have a hard time finding it on any ingredient lists. Palm oil is often concealed as “vegetable oil” in supermarket products.

The problem is, the consumption of palm oil is leading to the destruction of the rainforest – at a rate of approximately 300 football-sized sections every hour. Hundreds of species have seen their habitat destroyed, including orangutans.

Because of this reduction of habitat the orangutan is now threatened with extinction, their numbers having decreased by around 50% in the last decade. If we continue to consume products that contain palm oil at the current rate, we could be responsible for causing the extinction of a species that shares nearly 97% of their genetic material with us.”

I signed this petition as I do not support this at all. Will you sign?

My question for today:

  • Are you a member of Avaaz, Care2 or another movement? Or are you considering to become one?