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What happened this year

After almost a year of silence I realize I did not at all fulfill one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. However, I never said anything about where I wanted to write more blog posts, and I have been updating my other, Norwegian blog a bit more. I did finish high school and save more money though. I have almost completed this year’s photo challenge as well – only missing one picture at the moment. In September I got my first tattoo, after my cat [read her story here & here] died, and got that tattoo as a memory of her and the cat I had before her.


And I did go abroad – three times in fact. First to America, then to six different countries in Europe in 12 days, and then to Denmark. Now as for the exercising more – I signed up for a membership at a gym, and have gone there quite a few times, but lately I haven’t had much energy because of work. And the urban exploration? Well, I’ll save that for next year.

I am going on an adventure soon though, to quote Bilbo Baggins. In about one and a half month I’ll pack my bags and travel to the other side of the earth. To Australia. So I believe I have quite the year coming up, and I’ll try to live as much as I can. See what the place has to offer and don’t miss out on anything.

I generally think that’s what life’s about. You know, living. I have said this so many times before: I do not want to be that old, grumpy person who in 40 years looks back at my life thinking about all the chances I let go. Uh-uh, that’s not going to be me – I see way too many people like that at work, and they all seem so miserable. It’s sad.

So as I close this post for now, I just want to remind you all to live. You never know when it’s over.



Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

My wishes are that you are all safe and warm wherever you might be in this world. I hope that you are doing what you love the most these days.


Quote for today

I have to admit I am lacking some inspiration to write anything here right now. I do have at least one, maybe two – maybe make a weekly topic out of it – idea that I want to share with you, but not today. Kind of want to get more into it myself at first, but it will come. Because to be honest I think I have started one of the most exciting journeys of my life and I want to share it with as many as possible.

But for today, it will have to do with this picture from the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and this cute little quote I have written on it – and hey, I think this quote is something we should all think of.

41 Domino Bricks


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The Norwegian Elections 2013

I cannot believe someone still visits my blog, I mean I do not update very often these days, for which I am terribly sorry. But I actually do not have time and I have to have school and work as priorities right now. On top of that, I do not know what to write about. I have been so caught up in school lately I have not had time to think about these… well, these things I am so interested in and write about on this blog. But then it hit me. A topic for today.

After last week’s Elections in Norway we had a change of government. We moved from the left side and over to the right. We have a new prime minister, Erna Solberg. A few years ago I could not have cared less, but last Monday I gave my vote and in the evening I sat up until 1 am just to follow the counting on TV. And when I realized we no longer have a red-green government, but a very blue one, I was pretty shocked. I did not vote for that. The day after we spent two of our classes just talking about which changes we will see, as this means a lot of changes. Just to mention a few topics; the oil industry, immigration, taxes, schools, hospitals… Pretty much all the big things will somehow change from now on. It means a good future for the rich and well educated people, and probably harder conditions for us “normal” people.


Anyway, what I want to reflect upon is not this, it is actually something else. Something many Norwegians are pretty sad about. And that is how the media in other countries suddenly …. Okay, first of all, our new government is: Høyre (right), Frp, Venstre and KrF. After 22nd of July 2011 Norway was put on the map, because of one man, Anders Behring Breivik. A Norwegian man. A terrorist. A man who has been a member of the party FrP.

Now I do not at all support the politic FrP wants, but when the media in other countries started linking Breivik to FrP and all of that… I have to say I got a bit disappointed. It is like the rest of the world says we chose FrP into our government and somehow support what Breivik did. But that is not the case. After 22nd of July, Norway stood closer as a nation than ever. Not one party supports what he did that day. And I do not want anything in our politics to have anything to do with Breivik. Yes, he was a member a long time ago, but he got out because they were not as extreme as he was. They did not have the same thoughts as he did, and he realized that and left the party.

I just want everyone to know this. As I have said, I was sad with this change of government, but it has nothing to do with Breivik. And even though I do not share the opinion of neither Frp nor Breivik, I do not want anyone to link those two together. It is actually important to me. So please world, do not, ever again, link Frp and Breivik together. Ever. Thank you.


Plans for future posts

I have got so many things on my mind these days, and there are so many topics I would like to share and discuss with you, but somewhere in between my head and my fingers pressing the publish-button, there is a wall. A thick wall I cannot break through. I do not even know why, all I know is that it is not because I suddenly lost the interest in the blog.


However, during the years I have had one or two blogs and I have never liked making any posts without pictures. The same goes for this one. And even though I have done so here, I am no fan of taking illustration pictures from the Internet (as above). As it is my blog, with my opinions, I prefer using my pictures too. But I do not have many pictures that relate to the topics I write about here. However, I think I will try to take some during these next days.

Hopefully, if I get any pictures I feel are alright to use, I will manage through that wall.

Lastly I want to say; if there is one, or more, topic(s) in particular you want to hear my opinion about, I would be so happy to hear it. Although I have many topics written down for future posts I am always open for new ones.

  • Do you prefer having pictures in your blog/the blogs you read?