I have always loved to express myself through words. Since I was a little girl I’ve been writing short or longer stories, poems and a few songs, and this has become an important hobby of mine.


Lately I have started writing other types of stories. I once used to write fantasy or other fictional stories (and still do from time to time), but I have now found a new path to enter. A few weeks ago I found an Internet page in which they had a so called challenge in which you could choose between several subjects. I realised I couldn’t choose between them; I wanted to do them all. So I did.

The subjects in this challenge were all about different prospects of e.g. politics or other rights. A question I was to answer in one of them was, “Are we able to create peace without war?”.

I am thinking of using this blog to publish some of my texts. However I can’t promise anything as I usually write in Norwegian, so we will have to wait and see what I decide – and if I might end up writing some texts in English. But I am hoping to at least get to publish a couple of texts.