What happened this year

by Moonierh

After almost a year of silence I realize I did not at all fulfill one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. However, I never said anything about where I wanted to write more blog posts, and I have been updating my other, Norwegian blog a bit more. I did finish high school and save more money though. I have almost completed this year’s photo challenge as well – only missing one picture at the moment. In September I got my first tattoo, after my cat [read her story here & here] died, and got that tattoo as a memory of her and the cat I had before her.


And I did go abroad – three times in fact. First to America, then to six different countries in Europe in 12 days, and then to Denmark. Now as for the exercising more – I signed up for a membership at a gym, and have gone there quite a few times, but lately I haven’t had much energy because of work. And the urban exploration? Well, I’ll save that for next year.

I am going on an adventure soon though, to quote Bilbo Baggins. In about one and a half month I’ll pack my bags and travel to the other side of the earth. To Australia. So I believe I have quite the year coming up, and I’ll try to live as much as I can. See what the place has to offer and don’t miss out on anything.

I generally think that’s what life’s about. You know, living. I have said this so many times before: I do not want to be that old, grumpy person who in 40 years looks back at my life thinking about all the chances I let go. Uh-uh, that’s not going to be me – I see way too many people like that at work, and they all seem so miserable. It’s sad.

So as I close this post for now, I just want to remind you all to live. You never know when it’s over.